Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Astrology of Ruby and Mother of Pearl

1 Astrology
1.1 Origin
Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya
Southern and central Africa
1.2 Color
Red, pink, Red
Yellow, Red, Brown
1.3 Streak
Not Available
1.4 For which Rashi?
Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius
Pisces, Cancer, Pisces, Cancer
1.5 Planet
Moon, Neptune
1.6 Element of Planets
Not Available
1.7 How to Wear?
1.7.1 Finger
Ring Finger
Not Available
1.7.2 Ring Metal
Gold, Copper, Gold, Copper
Not Available
1.8 Energy
1.9 Deities
Buddha, Krishna
1.10 Not to wear with
Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Gomedh, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Gomedh
Not Available
1.11 Powers
Wealth, Joy
1.12 Birthstone
1.12.1 Planetary
Not Available
Not Available
1.12.2 Talisman
Not Available

Planet of Ruby and Mother of Pearl

Before you approach any astrologer to know the most suitable gemstone, it is advisable to learn some basic information on astrology of Ruby and Mother of Pearl. Gemologists use the Ruby and Mother of Pearl Optical Properties as a distinguishing test during identification. These sections elucidate facts like powers and energies of the gemstone, how to identify and wear Ruby and Mother of Pearl, and its numerological significance.

The streak test, is an easy way to determine the color and quality of a gemstone. Ruby produces White streak.Gemstones are also known to seek benedictions of deities related to them. Deities related to Ruby are Buddha and Krishna. Deities invoked by Mother of Pearl are Goddess.

Certain gemstones are believed to influence a planet's impact on an individual's behaviour. Knowledge pertaining to the planet of Ruby and Mother of Pearl will help you to determine a suitable gemstone for you. Planet of Ruby is Mars, whereas Planet of Mother of Pearl is Moon and Neptune. Gemstones are used in healing techniques depending on the energy they posses. According to Ruby facts and astrology, this gemstone has Projective energy. Mother of Pearl gemstone has Receptive energy. Wearing the stone with appropriate energy, helps you in restoring health and eliminating weaknesses in your personality.