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Do Gemstones Work?

Do gemstones work? Can a piece of stone change fortune? Indeed, astrologers believe that every gem is associated with a planet and can affect the influence of that planet over the individual wearing the gem. Its not surprising that many celebrities have also been observed wearing gem in form of their talisman. It is to be noted that, these astrologers also believe that acumen of these gemstones is a pre-requisite if you are wearing one of these gems; lack of which you might also land yourself in trouble. Hence, a studied advice is must if you wish to wear one of these stones.

List of Precious Gemstones

Today's market offers you a plethora of gemstones varieties to choose from. The entire list of precious gemstones is categorized as precious and semi-precious. All such gems are listed in the Precious Gemstones. The subtle difference in their preciousness originated in their rare occurrence during the medieval period. Generally, all gemstones except Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire are termed as Semi Precious; not because these are less valuable. Its owing to the only fact that those are abundantly available in nature. Compare gemstones along with their benefits and uses to gain more insight about every mystic gemstone! Search for various Leo Gems and other zodiac signs here!

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