Hematite Information

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1 Astrology
1.1 Origin
Southern and central Africa
1.2 Color
Black, Reddish, gray, Red
1.3 Streak
Black, Brown, Reddish, Red
1.4 For which Rashi?
Aries, Aquarius, Aries, Aquarius, Aries, Aquarius
1.5 Planet
1.6 Element of Planets
Not Available
1.7 How to Wear?
1.7.1 Finger
Not Available
1.7.2 Ring Metal
Not Available
1.8 Energy
1.9 Deities
1.10 Not to wear with
Not Available
1.11 Powers
1.12 Birthstone
1.12.1 Planetary
Not Available
1.12.2 Talisman
Not Available
2 Physical Properties
2.1 Tenacity
2.2 Solubility
Not Available
2.3 Durability
Not Available
2.4 Specific Gravity
2.5 Fracture
Uneven, Uneven, ConchoidalWalter Schumann, Gemstones of the world (2001) More from other references, Conchoidal, Brittle
2.6 Cleavage
None, may show partings on {0001} and {10 1 1}
2.7 Mohs Hardness
2.8 Chemical Composition
Fe 2O 3Arthur Thomas , Gemstones (2009)
3 Optical Properties
3.1 Luster
Not Available
3.2 Pleochroism
O = brownish red; E = yellowish red
3.3 Dispersion
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
3.4 Transparency
OpaqueHerve Nicolas Lazzarelli, Blue Chart Gem Identification (2010) More from other references
3.5 Refractive Index
3.6 Optic Character
Not Available
3.7 Crystal System
3.8 Birefringence
3.9 Clarity
OpaqueHerve Nicolas Lazzarelli
4 Benefits
4.1 Physical
4.1.1 Neurological
Not Available
4.1.2 Cardiovascular
Not Available
4.1.3 Respiratory
Not Available
4.1.4 Reproductive
Not Available
4.1.5 Digestive
Not Available
4.2 Psychology
Not Available
4.3 Healing
Not Available
4.4 Qualities Associated
Not Available

Hematite Details

The healing properties and qualities associated with the gemstones may vary with respect to different zodiac signs. In Asian countries, the art of using crystals for therapeutic uses has been documented centuries ago. In this art of crystal healing, Hematite Benefits have been well identified and tested. However, it should be ensured that before wearing this gemstone, Hematite information and the science related to it should be well-understood.

The belief that Hematite is useful in healing one's physical and mental ailments, is recognized since centuries. Gemologists believe that prominent gem criteria are its radiated energies, the streak and the Talismanic properties. All these factors are highly governed by Physical Properties of Hematite such as cleavage, fracture and specific gravity. Some prominent Hematite details and interesting facts are provided here.

  • Origin: Primarily obtained in Southern and central Africa.
  • Color: Common colors observed are Black, Reddish, gray, Red.
  • Chemical Formula: Fe 2O 3Arthur Thomas , Gemstones (2009).
  • Powers: Healing.