Optical Properties of Baddeleyite

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1 Optical Properties
1.1 Luster
1.2 Pleochroism
DistinctArthur Thomas
1.3 Dispersion
Albite Optical ..
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Fluorite Optical Properties
1.4 Transparency
1.5 Refractive Index
1.6 Optic Character
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1.7 Crystal System
Monoclinic Prismatic H-M Symbol (2/m) Space Group: P 21/c
1.8 Birefringence
1.9 Clarity

Baddeleyite Luster

Optical Properties of Baddeleyite are its behavioral responses towards light. While few optical properties can be identified with naked eyes, other require special instruments by the gemologists to identify them. Baddeleyite optical properties like luster, clarity, refractive index etc. are used to determine the non-destructive methods during gemstone identification and evaluation.

Baddeleyite luster is the quantity of light the crystal reflects when light is incident on it. Baddeleyite which is commonly found in Brown, Colorless, Brown, Brownish, Black, Colorless, Green, Greenish color, is Transparent in nature. It possess Adamantine luster.

Baddeleyite Refractive Index

Optical properties of a Baddeleyite crystal are responsive to the small changes in composition and strain within its crystalline structure. Absolute diligence is therefore necessary during cutting and polishing of the gemstone. All such optical properties are majorly influenced by Physical Properties of Baddeleyite.

As we are well aware, refractive index is the phenomenon which is related to bending of light through a medium (crystal). It is used in qualitative analysis of gemstones by gemologists Besides, few gemstones exhibit property of dual refractive indices. This dual nature is known as Birefringence. The value of Baddeleyite refractive index is 2.13-2.20. Birefringence value for this gem is 0.07. So if you are searching for prominent Brown Gemstones, Baddeleyite gem is something not miss on, since it has been a favorite pick in the gem wearing community.

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