Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood


Petrified Wood Astrology

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1 Astrology
1.1 Origin
brown, green, brown, green
1.2 Color
1.3 Streak
Not Available
1.4 For which Rashi?
1.5 Planet
Not Available
1.6 Element of Planets
1.7 How to Wear?
1.7.1 Finger
Not Available
1.7.2 Ring Metal
Not Available
1.8 Energy
1.9 Deities
1.10 Not to wear with
Not Available
1.11 Powers
Healing, Protection
1.12 Birthstone
1.12.1 Planetary
Not Available
1.12.2 Talisman
Not Available

About Petrified Wood Astrology

Petrified Woods have been recognized for their high astrological significance. Petrified Wood is one among those astrological gemstones which have some amazing healing powers. Are you curious to know about Petrified Wood astrology related to your Zodiac sign? Astrologically, significant Petrified Wood Benefits can be reaped, when Petrified Wood stone is worn daily by a All individual. Since this stone is believed to influence the impact of Not Available's powers, the individual wearing it can overcome all the ill effects of this planet and achieve a state of optimal health and well being.

Petrified Wood as Talisman

Talismans are gemstones which are believed to enhance the luck of an individual. It is believed that when an individual is born, the contemporary alignment of the stars and planets of the universe influence one's life. According to Petrified Wood astrology, use of Petrified Wood as talisman can benefit in multiple ways like health, relationship, academics, career and so on.

How to Wear Petrified Wood

Petrified Woods have been recognized for their high astrological significance. It is one of those astrological gemstones with some amazing healing powers. Astrologers recommend that you should be highly cautious while wearing a gemstone. Significant Petrified Wood Benefits can be reaped, when this gemstone is worn daily. To reap maximum benefits of this gem, you must be well aware about how to wear Petrified Wood.