Physical Properties of Phosphosiderite

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1 Physical Properties
1.1 Tenacity
Not Available
1.2 Solubility
Not Available
1.3 Durability
Not Available
1.4 Specific Gravity
1.5 Fracture
UnevenAnthony et al, Handbook of mineralogy (2001), UnevenAnthony et al, Handbook of mineralogy (2001), Uneven
1.6 Cleavage
{010} Perfect, {001} Distinct
1.7 Mohs Hardness
1.8 Chemical Composition
Fe3+ PO 4 · 2H 2OAnthony et al , Handbook of Mineralogy (2001)

Phosphosiderite Cleavage

When it comes to choosing the best pick among Blue Gemstones gemstones, Phosphosiderite is known to be a popular choice!Physical properties of Phosphosiderite include its hardness, gravity, fracture, cleavage, etc. For any gemstone crystal, Phosphosiderite Optical Properties are responsible for imparting various physical properties to its structure. Knowledge of these properties is equally important to gem-cutters as well as to consumers. Phosphosiderite cleavage is nothing but the plane across which the crystal splits during cutting. Phosphosiderite cleavage is Perfect, Distinct,and specific gravity of Phosphosiderite is 2.74-2.76.

The physical properties of Phosphosiderite, in fact, are imparted by the chemical composition of its individual molecule. The reactivity or inertness of the crystal is solely governed by its chemical structure. Chemical composition of Phosphosiderite is represented by Fe3+ PO 4 · 2H 2OAnthony et al , Handbook of Mineralogy (2001).